History of Reliable Arts and Seminars in Costa Rica

We are a dental laboratory located in Costa Rica.  We have a state of the art facility located in a tropical paradise.  A tropical paradise that is only two and a half hours from Miami, Florida.

We Started doing seminars here in Costa Rica because of requests from our existing customers. They wanted to use our laboratory as an excuse to visit Costa Rica on vacation.

We felt if we could provide them a chance to earn continuing education credits they would "Get more bang for their buck!" Also they would learn more about some of our special products.

The result was incredible!!  We could not have imagined how much fun it would be.  Our visitors had so much fun that they insisted we have another seminar for them, so that they could return to see more of this beautiful and versatile country.

One thing that we have learned is a small group pf 10 to 25 doctors is a natural. Everyone gets involved, time flys by, and you make some new friends who are adventurous like you!

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Mike Lomax
General Manager

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